You expect your linens to be consistently clean, fresh, and crisp. Our commercial laundry wash products help you achieve the highest quality results for cottons, whites, and colorfast fabrics.

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It is an easy-to-use and highly effective system that can successfully help to kill both bacteria and viruses as well as disinfect all surfaces. Our system is the most reliable and efficient approach to provide clean and safe areas quickly and thoroughly wherever you need to. You will love this system because not only do you get the more powerful and dependable electrostatic disinfection sprayer, but you get a system that offers mobility and safety as well.

Gravity 20: Built Laundry Detergent

⦁ Contains Highly Effective Low-Foaming, Nonionic Surfactants, Alkaline-Builders, & Water Sequestering Agents
⦁ Cleans & Brightens All Fabrics
⦁ Suitable For Use In All Laundry Settings

Orbit 21: Premium H.E. Laundry Detergent

⦁ Cleans & Brightens Laundry
⦁ Leaves Clothes Smelling Fresh
⦁ Highly-Concentrated, Phosphate-Free Formula

Galaxy 25: Built Powder Laundry Detergent

⦁ Fast-Dissolving Formula
⦁ Quickly Penetrates & Cleans Fabrics
⦁ Safe On White And Colored Fabrics
⦁ Use In Hot Or Warm Water

Sphere 23: Premium Combination Sour Softener

⦁ Reduces Wrinkles, Linting & Static
⦁ Improves Shake-Out & Dry-Time
⦁ Softens & Fluffs Fabric

Shock 22: Chlorine Liquid Laundry Destainer

⦁ Removes Stains From Fabrics
⦁ Eliminates Fabric Discoloration
⦁ Safe For Use On Cottons, Linens, Whites & Colorfast Fabrics
⦁ Brightens White Fabric

Booster 24: Laundry Reclaim And Stain Treatment Capsules

⦁ Quick Dissolving Formula
⦁ Rejuvenates & Brightens White Linens
⦁ Highly Effective On Organic Soil Stains

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