Ancillary Products

G-Force Series offers a range of essential ancillary products designed to complement and enhance your daily operations. From our reliable G-Force Can Liners to our powerful G-Force Buffing Pads, this collection is designed to meet the diverse needs of any facility.


Can Liners

Discover the versatile and reliable G-Force Can Liners, available in multiple sizes, black and clear options, and high and low density materials. Perfect for healthcare settings, these can liners offer exceptional strength, puncture resistance, and leak-proof construction, ensuring hygienic waste disposal. Upgrade your waste management system today and experience the convenience and efficiency of G-Force Can Liners in your facility.

Buffing Pads

G-Force Buffing Pads are the ultimate solution for restoring gloss and maintaining pristine surfaces in medium-traffic areas. Designed to remove scuff marks and dirt effortlessly, these pads deliver exceptional results whether used dry or with spray buffing techniques. With G-Force Buffing Pads, achieving a sparkling shine has never been easier, making them ideal for automatic scrubbing applications. Elevate your floor maintenance routine and experience the power of our buffing pads for unmatched performance and stunning results.


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